Monthly Archive: February 2014

Ca' Dario the house that kills 0

Venice Mysteries: Ca’Dario the house that kills

Have you ever dreamed about buying a house in Venice, maybe on the Canal Grande? Well there is 500 years old palace right there, that is often on sale at a relatively moderate price, but always struggles to find a new owner: it’s Cà Dario....


Italian Recipes: Pizza

Hi friends! We’re back today with another italian cooking class. I had some friends over at my place yesterday, so I thought I could make pizza for everybody and this is the video! It’s very easy, quick and cheap to make a wonderful home made pizza,...

Cantuccini biscuits 0

Italian recipes: Cantuccini

Hi everybody and welcome to our first of our hopefully many Italian recipes. We will try do to weekly tutorials for traditional Italian dishes, so keep tuned for more! This week is cantuccini, a wonderful biscuit from the Tuscany region, and also one of the...

Venice Carnival Masks 0

Guided tours during Venice Carnival

There are many ways to visit Venice: by foot, by gondola, alone or in a group, but only few know that there are mini guided tours that you can enjoy with a “Codega“. A Codega is a very ancient role. Back in the 15th century, in...

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