Monthly Archive: April 2014

Arsenale - Rope production area 0

Venice Arsenale opened to visitors

Hi guys! We wanted to give you a quick heads up. Next weekend, from the 25th to the 27th of April, the Arsenale in Venice will be opened to visitors. It’s a special event because there will be lots of free interesting activities, such as:...

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Wifi in Venice: How-to

Hi guys! Easter has passed! How did you spend it? We’re here again for an important topic: how to use wifi in Venice. The city provides a network of hotspots located in several major  squares or calli (streets). Look here for the official map. So...

frozen venice by robert jahns 0

Frozen Venice

Hi guys! This year’s weather was awesome, except for quite a bit of rain in february, we had sun and warm temperatures until half December, and again in March. We can’t really complain, and we haven’t seen snow in more than one year. This is...

Crowd in Venice 0

Top 5 tourist mistakes in Venice

Hi again friends! It’s very hip to post shortlists about best or worst things, so we figured we might as well give you our advice on the top 5 tourist mistakes in Venice.  It seems trivial but you have no idea how often we see...

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