Monthly Archive: September 2014

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Italian Buddy Promo Video

Hi friends! We have finally published the promo video for our project. We have been working on it for a long time (even if it doesn’t seem so), let us know if you like it! As usual we would love your feedbacks!

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Italian Buddy needs your feedbacks

Hi friends. As we have already done before, we are now trying to gather again more feedbacks from tourists who visited Venice in the past year. The purpose is to understand precisely what were the most confusing things, the problems you encountered, what information you...

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How to read an Italian restaurant menu

Hi guys! Sorry for the long absence, as I wrote on twitter, we are working very hard both for Italian Buddy and our “normal” jobs. We have an interesting news coming up next week, but let’s focus on today’s subject. I know it’s quite difficult...

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Venice Events: Regata Storica 2014

We didn’t even have time to recover from the excitement of the film festival and another major event is almost here! Next Sunday, September 7th the Regata Storica will fill the canals of Venice with races, historical parades, and much more. It is definitely one...

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