5 Amazing places to see near Venice



Programmer, psychedelic Australian trumpeter, and amateur chef. I only want to help tourists in Venice and protect them from being screwed cause I put myself in their place.

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  1. avatar jaza says:

    hello, I am visiting in 2 days. my husband and I will be there for 10 days, however he will be there for business so we really only might have the weekend for full days. and the evenings during the week. can you recommend places to see and places to eat during out time so that we aren’t wasting the time we do have

  2. avatar Gilda says:

    Hi Giorgio! What a great post! Very helpful. My husband, 13 year old daughter and, I will be traveling to Italy in February 2017 and we’ll be spending 4 days in Venice towards the end of February. We will like to do a day trip to a small nearby town (3 hours travel max, maybe?) , we won’t be renting a car. We will like to see mountains and a place where is stuff to do/see. What do you recommend? Thanks in advance!

    • avatar italian_buddy says:

      Hi Gilda
      from this list, there are trains direct from venezia to bassano del grappa 1.15 hours each way, 6€ per person one way.
      you can also go to monselice with either a “regionale veloce” train or a regular “regionale”, the price is 5.45€ for both but the first one takes 47 minutes while the latter takes 1.22 hours.

      other options would be Padova (30 mins by train) it’s a bigger city (400.000 people) and will take you a day to visit, Verona is also big but beautiful, it’s a bit farther though (2 hours). I think you should know it for the arena or for Giulietta’s house.

      have fun!

      • avatar Gilda says:

        Great! Thanks again!

      • avatar Maria Gatti says:

        There are also trains from Venice to Marostica, and I’d be very surprised if it is impossible to access any of these towns by public transport. https://www.rome2rio.com/fr/s/Venise/Marostica

        Veneto is a highly-developed region of Italy, and there are train or at least bus links to most places. I don’t drive, so renting a car is not an option; if I go there by car, it would be with Italian friends in Pordenone who own a car.

  3. avatar Praveen says:

    Hi Italian Buddy,
    Planning to visit Venice in June for 5 days. What all should I do including a visit to a place outside Venice?

  4. avatar alex says:

    Hi Giorgio, Hi travellers!
    Great post! I’m writing a short guide to some “off the beaten” places in Veneto too
    I am a Venetian tour & outdoor guide.
    My goal is to offer something different to travellers, less conventional and much more experiential discovering some hidden treasures around Venice. There is so much to see and do beyond Venice!
    That is why my motto is “Enjoy a different day” !
    Hope it’s okay if i put my website link here http://www.elsendero.it , if not feel free to remove it
    Good travels to everyone!

  5. avatar Dave Simmonds says:

    nice site,but sadly the guide has been removed from Dropbox.is it available elsewhere?

  6. avatar Rosy Fernandez says:

    Hello! Great recommendations! We will be in Venice in August and will be there for 2 days, we are considering taking a day trip to Dolomite mountains and Cortina. What are your thoughts? I did not see you recommend this area.

    Thank you!

    • avatar Giorgi says:

      Hi Rosy. I didn’t have enough space to recommend everything in this post but if you’re into mountains and hiking you should definitely go! Dolomites are to me the best mountains in Italy and there are plenty of options depending whether you want to go on organized trips or by yourself.

  7. avatar doug domene says:

    We are traveling to Venice to pick up a cruise. I would like to spend 4-5 days in the surrounding areas. Is there a logical base that I could use besides Venice in order to see some of the sights you recommended?

    I appreciate the help.

    Dr. D.

    • avatar Giorgi says:

      hi doug. if you have a car i suggest padova cause it’s in the middle of the area and you can reach all the surrounding towns including venice in 1 hour or less. if you don’t, padova is still a good choice but you’ll have to move by train. otherwise mestre (the mainland before venice) is also fine and probably handier for trains. the downside of mestre is that the center is small and not as appealing as padova

  8. avatar Joanne says:

    Hi Giorgi, I will be in Venice in a month. My friend and I are looking for some great hiking. I noticed there is the little Dolomites close by (40miles) just want to confirm if you could give us some great hiking recommendations for two avid hikers looking to hike about 6 hours. Our time is limited to 2 days in the area. Thanks

    • avatar Giorgi says:

      Sorry i’m not an expert on mountains i think you can find better advice somewhere else on the internet :)

      • avatar Joanne says:

        Grazie for responding!!

      • avatar Joanne says:

        Do you know the best way to get train times to Vicenza from Venice?

        • avatar Giorgi says:

          http://www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en from vicenza to venezia santa lucia. try to get a “regionale veloce” train, they’re quick and cheap

          • avatar Joanne says:

            Thanks Giorgi! One last question, we will be arriving into Marco Polo airport. What is the cheapest and fastest way to the MSC cruise line port?

          • avatar Giorgi says:

            there are public buses from the airport to venice, i think they cost 8 euros now. i can leave the bus at piazzale roma (last stop) and then walk back 5 minutes to the cruise terminal or leave it 1 or 2 stops earlier

          • avatar Joanne says:

            Thanks Giorgi. What confuses me is I was told I would have to take water taxi since Venice is on an island. Must be incorrect information?

          • avatar Giorgi says:

            yes. venice is an island connected to the mainland by a bridge where trains, cars and buses go normally. you can take a water taxi but it will be very expensive (i think over 100€) so definitely not recommended

          • avatar Joanne says:

            You are the best!! This has been very helpful. I hope you don’t mind all my questions, more may come if that is okay:)

  9. avatar Carmen says:

    Hi Buddy, we are going to Venice next August. We have one month to travel around. Maybe stay 10 days in the north of Italy. Which city should we stay in like our base camp to visit the villages that you recommended? Grazie!

  10. avatar Rey says:

    Please make the site responsive. Interesting stuff but cant read all sentices

  1. 23 December 2018

    Please make the site responsive. Interesting stuff but cant read all sentices

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