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Venice Events: San Servolo Summer Fest 26-27 July

Hi friends! Today we want to give you a little head up on a very interesting event happening next weekend in San Servolo, a beautiful island at 10 minutes from Venice. The festival is called San Servolo Summer Fest and will happen on the 26th and...

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Venice top Events: Redentore July 19th and 20th

Hi guys! Sorry we disappeared for a while, we all were on holidays! We’re back today for one of the most important events, perhaps even the most important in the venetian year: la festa del Redentore. A little history: Festa (holiday) del Redentore is more than...

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James Bonds in Venice

So, yesterday I watched From Russia with Love and I realized that lots of James Bond movies had scenes in Venice. This morning I realized that somebody already made a compilation about this: How many other movies set in Venice can you name?  😉

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Funny Venice: differences with other cities

Welcome back friends! We are back today with more curiosities on Venice. Today we’ll see that living in Venice is not so different from living in every other cities, as strange as it may sound. Everybody knows that in Venice there are no cars, and...

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Venice: funny picture of the day

Hi guys! I found this picture online today: And it’s typical example of the Venetian “dark humor”. As you may know, in Venice the trash is left outside your house waiting for the garbage men to pick it up. The sign (the real one) basically...

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Latest updates on our project

Hi guys, sorry we weren’t around for the last few days, we were a little busy taking care of a few details of our project. As you probably know, Italian Buddy is all about realizing a travel guide for Venice, with app and everything, this...

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Venice Peggy Guggenheim spritz parties

Hi guys! Another important heads up. The Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice has opened again for the annual series of Spritz parties. It’s the 6th time that this event takes place and it’s a wonderful and funny chance to go visit one of the best...

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Venice Palazzo Cini opening

  Hi guys just a quick news today. Palazzo Cini is opening again from now to the end of November. If you’re around you might want to give it a look. We’re not competent enough on the subject to explain why it’s architecturally important and...

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Venice living museum

Hi guys today a more delicate subject than usual. We already know that Venetians have been leaving Venice for many years now. Right now only 56 thousand people actually live in the city. It just become harder each year to live in such  a unique...

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Parking in Venice – How to

Hi guys! Hi guys! We wanted to clarify a little bit how to find a cheap parking in Venice, a task is not easy at all if you don’t know where to go. We wrote a post on the subject two weeks ago and we...

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