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Italian recipes: Cantuccini

Hi everybody and welcome to our first of our hopefully many Italian recipes. We will try do to weekly tutorials for traditional Italian dishes, so keep tuned for more! This week is cantuccini, a wonderful biscuit from the Tuscany region, and also one of the...

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Guided tours during Venice Carnival

There are many ways to visit Venice: by foot, by gondola, alone or in a group, but only few know that there are mini guided tours that you can enjoy with a “Codega“. A Codega is a very ancient role. Back in the 15th century, in...

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Made in Italy by Google

This morning, I was still half asleep, just arrived at the office when I found that my brower was suggesting something that I had never seen before: I checked it out and I found out that Google has made a woooooonderful presentation about the typical...

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Top 5 things to eat and drink in Venice

So you’re planning a holiday in Venice? GREAT, our city is  wonderful, no matter the time of the year, and there are always delicious things to eat and drink in Venice. “But what would be best things to eat and drink in Venice” You might...

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Couchsurfing in Venice

So.. everybody knows that hotels in Venice are very expensive. In fact, they are among the most expensive in Europe, as you can see in this research by travel website So what can you do? There are many solutions, as we’ll explain in our...

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Italian cuisine: truth and tradition

It seems that nowadays everybody is an expert of italian cuisine. Even we think we are experts,  but we are not. The only thing in our favour is that we really are Italian, and we have eaten real italian food for the past 20-30 years. But...

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Italians vs Europeans

Hi guys! We often hear talking about italians, that they’re different from the rest of europeans. They say we don’t like working, we are disordinated, we don’t respect laws, we don’t pay taxes and much more. Well as an Italian I can say that this...

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Tourists’ feedbacks in Venice

Last Saturday the whole Italian Buddy team went to Venice. We wanted to collect some pictures we needed for the guide. We thought: while we are here, why don’t we speak with some tourists and gather their feedbacks on Venice?

We gathered their useful opinions and wrote some hints and tips to help them out.
Find out here what are the most common problems In Venice and their solutions!

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How you doin’

Hi guys! Since this is a startup, we tought we should give you much moaaarrr feedbacks on how we doin’, what tasks we’re facing at the moment and how much work is left to do. Check out the new page here:    

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