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How to enjoy your honeymoon in Venice

Hi guys, yeah I know! I only wrote yesterday and you may be surprised if you’re used to the frequency of my posts. However, I just saw an interesting article on Twitter, and I really wanted to say something about it. The article is a...

Venezia Unica City Pass 5

Venezia Unica City Pass Review

Hi friends. Friday is finally here, thank God! We met yesterday two awesome guys from New Jersey, friends of Elvio, with whom we talked a little about or project and who helped us with some ideas. I wanted today to analyze and review the Venezia...

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Top 5 things to do in Venice

Hi friends! Today with a classic shortlist of the top 5 things to do in Venice. As usual our main goal here will be to have fun and enjoy the most typical things without wasting too much money and time, so let’s get down to...

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Parking in Venice – How to

Hi guys! Hi guys! We wanted to clarify a little bit how to find a cheap parking in Venice, a task is not easy at all if you don’t know where to go. We wrote a post on the subject two weeks ago and we...

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Car Parking in Venice

Hi guys! So, yesterday we finished chapter number 3 of our guide: how to reach Venice and I thought we could share with you a couple of very important hints about car parking. You see, there are lots of options when it comes to car parking,...

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Top 5 tourist mistakes in Venice

Hi again friends! It’s very hip to post shortlists about best or worst things, so we figured we might as well give you our advice on the top 5 tourist mistakes in Venice.  It seems trivial but you have no idea how often we see...

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Top 5 things to eat and drink in Venice

So you’re planning a holiday in Venice? GREAT, our city is  wonderful, no matter the time of the year, and there are always delicious things to eat and drink in Venice. “But what would be best things to eat and drink in Venice” You might...

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Tourists’ feedbacks in Venice

Last Saturday the whole Italian Buddy team went to Venice. We wanted to collect some pictures we needed for the guide. We thought: while we are here, why don’t we speak with some tourists and gather their feedbacks on Venice?

We gathered their useful opinions and wrote some hints and tips to help them out.
Find out here what are the most common problems In Venice and their solutions!

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