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Top 5 things to do in Venice

Hi friends! Today with a classic shortlist of the top 5 things to do in Venice. As usual our main goal here will be to have fun and enjoy the most typical things without wasting too much money and time, so let’s get down to...

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How to read an Italian restaurant menu

Hi guys! Sorry for the long absence, as I wrote on twitter, we are working very hard both for Italian Buddy and our “normal” jobs. We have an interesting news coming up next week, but let’s focus on today’s subject. I know it’s quite difficult...

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Venice Events: Regata Storica 2014

We didn’t even have time to recover from the excitement of the film festival and another major event is almost here! Next Sunday, September 7th the Regata Storica will fill the canals of Venice with races, historical parades, and much more. It is definitely one...

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Venice 71th Film Festival

Hi guys! It’s that time of the year again, and one of the most important annual events in Venice is here! Tomorrow, the 71th film festival will begin, and it will last until next Saturday (the 6th). By the way, do you know what other...

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How to Avoid Tourist Traps in Venice

Hi Guys! Everybody knows: Venice is a very touristic city. It’s not that surprising if you think that there are 20 million tourists every year, and only 56 thousands people living here… As such, it’s inevitable, there are plenty of tourist traps waiting for you....

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What NOT to do in Venice

Hi guys Our buddy Thomas, today, stumbled on a video on Youtube about the “Top Ten Things to do in Venice”… much “What NOT to do in Venice”. It’s the classic example of tips for gullible tourists who fall in all the traps laid down for...

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Venice trivia: Famous people

i friends! Our buddy Elvio is a fan of trivia, mysteries and stuff like this about Venice. He sent me this interesting piece. In Venice, in between of the labyrinth of calli and campielli, it’s very rare to find streets with the name of famous...

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Venice Events: San Servolo Summer Fest 26-27 July

Hi friends! Today we want to give you a little head up on a very interesting event happening next weekend in San Servolo, a beautiful island at 10 minutes from Venice. The festival is called San Servolo Summer Fest and will happen on the 26th and...

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Venice top Events: Redentore July 19th and 20th

Hi guys! Sorry we disappeared for a while, we all were on holidays! We’re back today for one of the most important events, perhaps even the most important in the venetian year: la festa del Redentore. A little history: Festa (holiday) del Redentore is more than...

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James Bonds in Venice

So, yesterday I watched From Russia with Love and I realized that lots of James Bond movies had scenes in Venice. This morning I realized that somebody already made a compilation about this: How many other movies set in Venice can you name?  😉

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