Giorgio Giorgio

Venice, ITALY

Elvio Elvio

Venice, ITALY

Thomas Thomas

Venice, ITALY

Giorgio, 31, works as a programmer, but dreams to be a chef.Known among his friends for not being very diplomatic, is also the first jazz trumpeter who likes rock more than jazz.In Italian Buddy writes the guide, articles for the website, prepares the maps and paginates stuff. Elvio, 36, has been working in the tourism industry for 15 years.He “says” he can speak 8 languages (do you believe it?). Likes: football, pool, traveling and Jason Statham movies.In Italian Buddy he writes the guide, does researches and writes articles for the website. Thomas, 32, loves computer sciences and is an avid dreamer.He spend his first 32 years trying unsuccessfully to become rich and famous, until he decided to start Italian Buddy with his friends during a rainy autumn day. He likes music, summer, laughing and painting.In Italian Buddy does: webiste, photos, app, and writing the guide.

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