New Year’s Eve in Venice



Programmer, psychedelic Australian trumpeter, and amateur chef. I only want to help tourists in Venice and protect them from being screwed cause I put myself in their place.

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  1. avatar Hal says:

    Grazie mille, Giorgio! We will be in Venice for New Year’s Eve 2015, and we were thinking about watching fireworks from the Fondamente Salute at the tip of Dorsoduro…is that a good plan, or would you recommend somewhere else? We don’t need big crowds or rowdiness. Also, any advice on classical music tickets on New Year’s Day? All of the tickets for La Fenice have been bought by big agencies and cost a fortune!

    • avatar italian_buddy says:

      Hi Hal, yes that a good plan! As for the concerts, you could check the for the christmas concert in San Marco, there are also others in less famous churches but all depends on when you arrive and when they’ll be. Venice has a bad habit of scheduling this type of events quite late so it will be a gamble. Also yes, I confirm that the fenice concerts are always very expensive unfortunately :(

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