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Tourists’ feedbacks in Venice

Last Saturday the whole Italian Buddy team went to Venice. We wanted to collect some pictures we needed for the guide. We thought: while we are here, why don’t we speak with some tourists and gather their feedbacks on Venice?

We gathered their useful opinions and wrote some hints and tips to help them out.
Find out here what are the most common problems In Venice and their solutions!

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How you doin’

Hi guys! Since this is a startup, we tought we should give you much moaaarrr feedbacks on how we doin’, what tasks we’re facing at the moment and how much work is left to do. Check out the new page here:    

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Making our first promotional video

Hi guys! Our first promotional video is soon to be finished, and we’re so excited about it that we wanted to share with you some “behind the scenes”, while waiting for it. It’s going to be legendary!  

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Who is Italian Buddy?

Italian Buddy is your friend, he is funny, honest and always goes straight to the point, he’s the type of guy you can rely on when you have a problem, he listens to you and is always available to help you 24hrs a day. Italian...

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