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Venice Carnival 2019 – What to do

Hi guys! Venice Carnival 2019 is almost here, and being it the busiest time of the year in Venice, we feel like we should give you some tips. Carnival starts February the 28th and ends March the 5th. Millions of tourists visit Venice each year...

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Venice Carnival Events: Fatboy Slim

Yes, you read correctly. If you’re around Venice or Mestre tomorrow 14th February, you might be in for a killer event. Fatboy Slim will be here for a kickass Carnival event. Yeah I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but if you’re a group of friends who...

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Carnival Events: Part 2

Hi guys, and here we are back for more important events of the Carnevale di Venezia 2015. We have almost reached the core of this incredible holiday. Here are the next events: Saturday 07 At 11AM and at 3PM, contest for the best mask in...

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Venice Carnival: Events – part 1

Hi guys! Are you excited? Venice Carnival is almost here, easily the most visited holiday of the year. The city is preparing several events throughout all the period, starting Saturday 31st and ending on Mardi gras (Martedì Grasso) on the 17th of February. The official website...

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Guided tours during Venice Carnival

There are many ways to visit Venice: by foot, by gondola, alone or in a group, but only few know that there are mini guided tours that you can enjoy with a “Codega“. A Codega is a very ancient role. Back in the 15th century, in...

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