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Formaggio Asiago, from the mountains near Vicenza, a DOP product of Veneto 0

Italian food: the wide cheese selection from Veneto

Hi friends. We have been absent from the site for a while, I’m sorry. Me and Thomas were on holiday, and when we came back I started working on the pagination of the guide (I have finished the cover and the first two chatpers). We’re...

Bacaro in Venice 0

How to read an Italian restaurant menu

Hi guys! Sorry for the long absence, as I wrote on twitter, we are working very hard both for Italian Buddy and our “normal” jobs. We have an interesting news coming up next week, but let’s focus on today’s subject. I know it’s quite difficult...

Cantuccini biscuits 0

Italian recipes: Cantuccini

Hi everybody and welcome to our first of our hopefully many Italian recipes. We will try do to weekly tutorials for traditional Italian dishes, so keep tuned for more! This week is cantuccini, a wonderful biscuit from the Tuscany region, and also one of the...

20140715-184403-67443511 0

Top 5 things to eat and drink in Venice

So you’re planning a holiday in Venice? GREAT, our city is  wonderful, no matter the time of the year, and there are always delicious things to eat and drink in Venice. “But what would be best things to eat and drink in Venice” You might...

from the movie 'An American in Rome' with Alberto Sordi... 0

Italian cuisine: truth and tradition

It seems that nowadays everybody is an expert of italian cuisine. Even we think we are experts,  but we are not. The only thing in our favour is that we really are Italian, and we have eaten real italian food for the past 20-30 years. But...

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