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First booster campaign – First t-shirt

We have awesome news today my friends! Your Italian Buddies are getting closer to their goal and we are starting to release our first stuff! Today, April 14th our first t-shirt design is out and up for grabs! Don’t dally! Rush on to our booster...

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Our policy on hotel and restaurant reviews

Hi guys today I just wanted to discuss briefly about our current policy on restaurant and hotel reviews. As we have said before, we are currently avoiding to recommend or to review any particular restaurant/bar/hotel or anything else, with very few exceptions (I think 2)....

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Italian Buddy Promo Video

Hi friends! We have finally published the promo video for our project. We have been working on it for a long time (even if it doesn’t seem so), let us know if you like it! As usual we would love your feedbacks!

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