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Italian Buddy

Italian Buddy is your friend, he is funny, honest and always goes straight to the point, he’s the type of guy you can rely on when you have a problem, he listens to you and is always available to help you 24hrs a day.

Italian Buddy lives in Venice, he knows the city very well and daily sees many tourists: he loves  talking to them and never denies an indication, an explanation or a helping hand, because Venice is unique and getting lost in its labyrinth of narrow streets can be as romantic as frustrating :).

Besides, sometimes shopkeepers do not have time, they are tired or cannot answer correctly the questions tourists ask them. It may happen that the person to whom you are speaking omits some important bits of information for the simple reason that he has already repeated that same answer ten times during the same day or because he cannot explain it properly in English.

It would be a real pity to ruin your holiday in Venice, maybe just  a few days long, because you wasted time, waiting for example for the ferry in the wrong spot or because you have finished your money too early due to unexpected expenses.

For this reason, Italian Buddy has decided to create a concise and effective guide that will help tourists to save time and money.
It is easy for those who well know the city and tourism to avoid rip offs and fully enjoy the city, and it is only fair that you too can take advantage of a few tricks and secrets that will make you holiday in Venice just perfect.

In the end, what Italian Buddy eagerly wants is that you have a very good time so when you go back home you will only have good memories of Venice.  You will have paid the right amount of money for the services you received,  you will have enjoyed every corner of the city and the neighbouring  islands and you will be able to say “My Italian Buddy has been of great help! “

How can you help?
Now, Italian Buddy is still an idea, a hope for humanity, a beam of light in the darkness.

Anyway, what you could do is drop a line about your experience in Venice, it is important to us. Did anybody robbed money? Was anything unclear or hard to understand? What did you like most?

If instead you have higher aspirations, like for example becoming a movie or a rock star, you only need to make a video and tell us your experience!
We will collect testimonies and put them together for the presentation of the project. Think how awesome it would be to appear in the presentation of one of the coolest projects in rock history!

Don’t you want to send us a video? Send us picture of you and/or of Venice! Send us a drawing, send us a cake!  Whatever you want is fine.

Finally, if you don’t want to write us anything, if you don’t like us, or you’re too shy and you don’t want to share your sweet little face with us: tell about Italian Buddy to your friends! Italian Buddy is a very sociable guy, every new friend is welcome!

We hope to hear from you very soon!
Write us at info(at) or on facebook at
Cheers mate!

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