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So, would you like to have everything there is to know about Venice right there in your pocket?

Would you like to have a complete and honest Venice free travel guide?

There you go, no need to waste money on books that won’t help you at all.

Download our Venice guide for free, instead!

We’re not asking you anything, we just want to help you spending an unforgettable holiday in Venice.
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The guide is available as pdf file, about 65 megabytes and is complete with everything:

  • How to reach Venice
  • What to Do
  • What to Eat
  • Where to stay
  • How to avoid tourist traps
  • Maps
  • And much more

Feel free to browse this demo and see how the real product looks like!

Just keep in mind that this is a demo, and it only contains 2-3 pages per chapter. Please refrain from clicking on the blurb link and/or buying it from there. This is not the final product and it is incomplete.


ok What you will find

  • You will find concise, honest and direct hints to enjoy the city without wasting money and time uselessly.
  • You will find little tricks difficult to figure out for tourists.
  • You will learn how to spot tourist traps like an Italian
  • You will find frank explanations of what to avoid and what to enjoy, along with maps with all the most important things, like toilets!

ko What you won’t find

  •  You won’t find cultural information about monuments or the city itself. There are already hundreds of guides who can tell you a lot more things than we could ever do.
  • You won’t find long, exhausting paragraphs, where you have to read 10 rows of text just to find out basic answers.
  • You won’t find hotel or restaurant recommendations. Why bother: there are amazing websites where you can find reviews of every place in town. Why should you trust us more than them?  Also how would you be sure that our recommendations are honest and not sponsored, like many other guides do?

An example?

Did you know that if you sit in a bar and order a coffee the price is always higher than if you drank it at the counter?

magic_stick Table of contents

Below is a detailed list of the names of different sections of our guide. The numbers enclosed in square brackets are the number of pages in each section (format 5x8in/13x20cm).

  • Preface [1]
  • Introduction [4]
  • How to get there [10]
  • How to get around [12]
  • Useful Information [8]
  • Accommodation [8]
  • Useful and practical info [16]
  • Myths to confirm and to debunk [10]
  • Hints and Tips [8]
  • How to avoid bad deals [12]
  • Food and eating [18]
  • Nightlife [12]
  • Annual Events [18]
  • Surroundings [8]
  • Curiosities [12]
  • Maps[6]

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